WP1 – Project Management and Implementation

Activity – 1.1 Financial Guidelines

Partners will nominate a steering committee in charge of budget control.

Activity – 1.2 Partner Agreements

Leader Partner will present a draft of the partner agreement to be signed by partners.

Activity – 1.3 Communication Board Identification

Nomination of a Communication and Dissemination Board in charge of the related activities for the duration of the project.

Activity – 1.4 Selection of Targets

Identification of SMEs, universities, trainers and persons to involve in multiplier events, learning activity and future conferences.

Activity – 1.5 Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Partners will establish a schedule to monitor the implementation of the project and will nominate a scientific board in charge of quality evaluation.

Activity – 1.6 Project Reporting

This activity will cover every action needed for the reporting of the entire work plan, ensuring precise recording of all the events, problems and workflows.

Activity – 1.7 Conflict resolutions

This task will take care of managing possible conflicting needs and actions/opinion among partners about objectives interpretations, results achieving paths or outputs producing methodologies.

Activity – 1.8 Planning of Future Meetings

Scheduling of partners’ meetings for the entire duration of the project: where, when and who will participate.

WP2 – Communication and Dissemination

Activity – 2.1 Communication Plan and Dissemination

Production of a complete plan at project beginning to guide partners and Associated throughout the entire project in each activity concerning communication of the existence and visibility of the project, also how, when and where to disseminate project results.

Activity – 2.2 Communication Templates and Graphics

Production of templates for project dissemination materials, based upon the guidelines of the Communication and Dissemination Plan.

Activity – 2.3 Project Website

Project website’s hosting, designing, creation, uploading and updating. The site will store project news, partnership info, IOs and all other kind of news that the consortium will deem relevant. The website will also be the host location for all online tools and materials that will be produced.

Activity – 2.4 Communication and Dissemination Activities

All activities focused on results’ communication that could require minor expenses (conferences, promotional videos, podcasts, TV presence, press conferences).

WP3 – Development of IO1: ENSURE – Training Course Material

Activity – 3.1 Creation of course content: Ecologically Sustainable Business – Textile. Materials for present and future textile entrepreneurs

The activity will tackle the creation of IO1. The task will focus on the material related to the first target group, present and wannabe textile entrepreneurs interested in this business sector.

Activity – 3.2 Creation of course content: Ecologically Sustainable Business – Textile. Materials for Startup coaches/Entrepreneurship Trainers

As for Activity – 3.1, but focused on training the trainers, in particular startup coaches (for incubators / accelerators) and entrepreneurship trainers (for Vet provider institutions and development agencies).

Activity – 3.3 Learning Activity Pilot Test: Course Contents

The learning activity will be organized and hosted by the Wp responsible to test the material produced after 14 months of IO1’s production.

WP4 – Development of IO2: ENSURE – Toolset

Activity – 4.1 Platform tool A: Interactive Library

Partners will set up the Interactive library. In the meantime, they will also search for open source materials, categorizing it by type, language and expertise level.

Activity – 4.2 Platform tool B: Profiling Test

The partnership will elaborate a test to assess knowledge, competences and skills of businessmen and trainers in different areas of expertise: General business knowledge, textile industry sustainability, Opportunities for sustainable Business in textile sector.

Activity – 4.3 Platform tool C: MOOC on ecologically sustainable entrepreneurship – Textile Industry

This activity will be focused on “translating” all the training material elaborated in IO1 into an electronic platform, to improve accessibility and ensuring on demand access to course material during a longer span of time.

Activity – 4.4 Learning Activity Pilot Test: Platform Testing

The learning activity, organized and hosted by the wp leader, will serve as test for the 3 tools produced in this IO.